"I worked with Carol to find a more holistic and natural approach to a condition caused by a compromised autoimmune system. Carol taught me about proper hydration, eating according to my Metabolic Type®, and the concept of the “layering effect.” By following the plan Carol laid out for me, I started to see immediate results. Not only did my condition clear up, but I felt more energetic and healthy overall, plus my productivity increased as well. I learned so much from Carol that I wanted to share what I learned from her with others at work. I brought Carol in to conduct a lunch-and-learn session with all employees on nutrition, and it was a big success. Thank you, Carol for all you have done to help me and my co-workers."
— Suzanne C., VP HR, non-profit educational institution

“My weight is consistent every time I step on the scale and I feel great. After taking medicine for esophageal reflux for the last nine years, I’m free because I now know what foods to avoid! An added benefit is that my knees don’t ache any more. I was told I would need knee replacements due to the heavy lifting I do on the job. The pain in my knees used to wake me from a sound sleep and I needed pain relievers three times a day. Bring it on! If only I had done this nine years earlier.”
— Lieutenant Elizabeth M. Seno, Glencoe Public Safety

“I have diabetes, and I was having a hard time keeping my sugar levels down. Carol has taught me many ways to eat better and avoid foods that trigger my sugar to rise. What works for one diabetic probably won’t work the same for another. That's why working one-on-one has been very important to me. I still have some work to do but I know I would be having injections by now if it wasn't for Carol's knowledge, enthusiasm, and great concern for me. I've already shed some weight and I'm more energized, which has allowed me to start working out. My goal is to be off my medicines, and a lot smaller really soon. I'm so thankful that our company hired her to help us!”
— Brenda Krabbe, Order Control Monitor, Richco, Inc.