A Japanese study showed that rest periods during your workout burn more fat than exercising for one continuous session.
— Journal of Applied Physiology

Researchers found participants’ total cholesterol counts declined as their eating frequency increased. Those who ate at least five or six times a day had the lowest total cholesterol, while the highest measures were found among those who dined only once or twice a day.
— The British Medical Journal

Seventy-five percent of adults and 24% of children and adolescents in the United States will be overweight or obese in the next eight years.
— Bloomberg School of Public Health Center for Human Nutrition

Ninety-four percent of rats chose sugar over cocaine.
— James Cook University

Those who drank one or more diet sodas per day had a 50 to 60 percent increased risk of metabolic syndrome, leading to increased heart disease and diabetes.
— Boston University School of Medicine

Chronic sleep deprivation increases insulin resistance exactly as aging does. Adults who slept 5.2 hours secreted 50 percent more insulin than those who averaged eight hours.
— University of Chicago