“I feel like a completely different person: I have energy all day, no more grumpiness, greater endurance, more patience working with my students, no more asthma medications, and I rarely get sick. I am glad I learned how to eat
right in my 30s rather than facing greater health
problems down the road.”
— Brandy Goldberg, Special Education Teacher

“Carol has teamed up with our Nutrition Task Force to improve our cafeteria menu, designed curriculum for our 6th grade wellness class, and presented teacher and parent workshops. Her dynamic and engaging personality make her the ideal person to provide visionary, big-picture leadership for organizations while also working collaboratively with others to handle the details of implementing new policies, procedures and practices.”
— Dr. Larry Hewitt, Superintendent, Illinois School District 28

“Carol's high-energy and informative presentations to our staff
have positively impacted attitudes toward making better choices
about our food intake. It's amazing to see many of us at school
now pulling out our bags of almonds for snacks and actively
trying to cut down on sugar! How great it is to take charge of
our own well being!”
— Mary Ellen Miller, Language Arts Coordinator,
Illinois School District 28