Ninety-four percent of rats chose sugar over cocaine.
— James Cook University

British researchers have found evidence that artificial food colors and additives may exacerbate hyperactivity in children.
— The Lancet

A significant contributor to the increasing rate of crime, aggression, depression and poor school performance is poor nutrition.
— Parliamentary Food and Health Forum, 2008

Twenty-four percent of children and adolescents in the U.S. will be overweight or obese in the next eight years.
— Bloomberg School of Public Health Center for Human Nutrition, 2007

The stripping of essential minerals from foods targeted to teens can be linked to anorexia, bulimia, poor cognition and defiant behavior.
— Carol Simontacchi, Clinical Nutritionist and author of The Crazy Makers: How the Food Industry Is Destroying Our Brains and Harming Our Children