Workforce Series

Our Workforce Series is aimed at front-line employees. Workshops are delivered monthly and include easily implemented strategies, as well as hands-on exercises that reinforce learning. Assignments are provided between workshops and progress is reviewed each month. This model provides employees with feedback and reinforcement. Group coaching also fosters peer support. One-on-one counseling sessions can also be scheduled, allowing employees to receive customized coaching and share sensitive information they might not feel comfortable revealing to the group.

Sample Workshop

At the start of our Grocery workshop, participants learn about shopping the perimeter of the store, where produce, dairy and meats can be found, rather than the inside aisles, where foods are often laden with artificial ingredients. Participants are trained to gravitate toward food labels with words they can pronounce vs. ingredients like ethoxylated butyl hexametadiglycerides.

We then take a field trip to a local grocery store, where participants test their label-reading skills during a nutritional scavenger hunt. With worksheet in hand, they mark down where in the store their food came from, and at home they mark down what was on the labels of the food they just bought.

Participants often discover that they were unaware of how much processed and packaged food they had been eating and are ready to commit to increasing the percentage of “live” food that they buy from the outside aisles.

Workshop Topics Include: