“As the leader of our company's Human Resources function, I am constantly dealing with the issue of rising health care costs. Every HR/Benefits periodical today has articles offering ideas for getting employees to more aggressively manage their own health care. Carol has a highly effective way of engaging people in their own health issues.

"Our employees have had an overwhelmingly positive response to Carol's teachings — both the content and the delivery. Carol is passionate about her work and instantly engages her audience with her unique ability to present information in a fun, relevant, impactful yet caring way.

“The day after our seminar series launched, junk food was cleared off of desks and out of drawers, and water bottles starting popping up everywhere. Our employees have chosen to stay late in order to make time during the day for Carol’s sessions, have been doing their “homework” between sessions, and are even inviting their spouses to come and join our sessions. They're excited, and have made a point of letting me know how much this opportunity means to them and to their families.

“Our entire staff is excited to be on this journey to healthier, happier, more energized living. And the icing on the carrot cake is lower health care costs and highly appreciative employees. Now THAT'S hard to beat.”
— Diane Vlcek, VP of Human Resources, Richco Inc.

"Changing behavior is one of the toughest jobs out there. It takes constant reinforcement. Dimensions in Health’s program has an effective blend of education, implementation and feedback. Carol creates the imperative, instills the knowledge and provides the educational structure necessary for a wellness program to work.
— Rick Streicher, President & CEO, Richco Inc.

“The hours between 1 to 3 p.m. were lost. I planned my days so that all creative projects were scheduled for the morning. If they weren’t completed that morning they would have to wait until the next business day. After learning how to eat properly for my individualized needs I am not only productive the entire day, but I have not been sick in over two years!”
— Michelle Miller, Director of Human Resources, Fortune 500 Company