Presenteeism (lost productivity due to employees being on the job but not fully engaged, largely due to personal health issues) costs American businesses $150 billion annually in direct and indirect costs.
— The Harvard Business Review

Presenteeism is 7.5 times more costly to employers than absenteeism.
— Employers Health Coalition of Florida

The additional medical cost for a diabetic is $37,000 annually. In the last 10 years, diabetes has increased 62 percent.

— Source

A growing number of companies are embracing multi-year, holistic health care programs that drive behavior change.
— Hewitt Associates

More than two-thirds of the U.S. population is overweight, leading to $51.6 billion in direct medical costs and $3.9 billion in lost productivity, reflected in 39.2 million lost work days, 239 million restricted-activity days, 89.5 million bed days and 62.6 million physician visits.
— The 17th World Congress on Safety and Health at Work

Health-related productivity costs were four times greater than medical and pharmacy costs to the business.
— Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine