Consulting Services

Dimensions in Health is committed to helping you create a healthy culture throughout
your workplace. We offer a variety of consulting services geared toward that end,
most of which are provided at no additional cost.

Holiday Parties

It’s a time-honored tradition to celebrate the holidays with food. But holidays are also a time when most people go off the deep end, nutritionally speaking. We’ll help you craft holiday menus that stay the nutritional course while preserving the spirit of the season.


Employees who are lucky enough to have access to a company cafeteria aren’t always as fortunate when it comes to the nutritional options available to them. We’ll consult with your cafeteria staff and/or food service vendor to retool the menu without sacrificing variety and flavor.

Luncheon Meetings

Whether you order out or cater in, luncheon meetings can be a minefield of bad nutritional options. We’ll work with your favorite restaurant or caterer to customize your menu to meet your nutritional needs.

Vending Machines

Some of the worst food in America comes out of vending machines. But don’t despair, healthful options are available even in this nutritional backwater. We’ll help you identify the most wholesome alternatives available through your vending machine company or suggest other creative options.