Sustaining Change

Most people want to lead healthier lives, but they lack the knowledge and skills to make it happen. And even when they know what they have to do, it’s hard to break old patterns.

At Dimensions in Health, we wear three hats – detective, educator and cheerleader. First, we learn about your history and habits. Next, we tailor a program that fosters change. Then, we support you as you achieve and sustain those changes.

“Canned” programs may work in the short term, but they rarely provide lasting results. Dimensions in Health helps you achieve success in the long run through a tried-and-true cycle of education, implementation and evaluation.

State-of-the-Art Science

Dimensions in Health is certified to practice Metabolic Typing®, a practical, proven system that allows you to pinpoint your unique nutritional needs.

The process begins with an in-depth on-line profile that identifies which major metabolic type you belong to. Specific foods are emphasized and supplements recommended based on your type.

Properly administered, Metabolic Typing® can dramatically increase your energy and resistance to disease while helping you achieve and maintain your optimal weight.

Attaining Goals

Wellness programs often fail because they require you to tackle more than you’re capable of handling. With careers and families to juggle, none of us want to take on another full-time job.

Dimensions in Health will help you learn what you need to know, then focus on one or two behaviors at a time, working with you until they become routine before moving on to the next challenge.

Achieving Balance

You wouldn’t expect peak performance out of a car with overinflated tires, worn belts, too little oil and the wrong grade of fuel in its tank. Nor should you expect the best out of yourself when you’ve had too little water, not enough protein, not enough exercise and too little sleep.

Balance means having the right quantities and types of food, exercise and rest to “run smoothly.” Dimensions in Health will help you discover what’s best for your body and attain that natural state of well-being.